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    *READ FIRST* - The Rules of the Forum -

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    *READ FIRST* - The Rules of the Forum - Empty *READ FIRST* - The Rules of the Forum -

    Post  Master Semaj 86 on Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:30 pm

    Signatures in violation of the rules:

    -Pixel Limit: H:300 - W:500
    -Outside Links to NSFW sites
    -NSFW images


    As a general rule of thumb, avoid excessive amounts of swearing, for the sake of others.


    This will not be tolerated and can result in a ban. This includes; Post spamming, Link spamming, Image spamming, Posting adult nature images and Garbage
    Threads. This will be rigorously enforced to keep the place clean and tidy.

    -Flaming (Intentionally starting an argument)

    A friendly debate is fine, but not a full scale attack. Don't push it too far.

    -Advertising Via Personal Messages

    If a User sends you a PM asking you join their site, earn money, etc.

    -Don't Post in the Wrong Section

    Keep all threads in the right place.
    EG: GoW threads don't belong in the CoD forum.

    -Keep the images small

    If you have a large image you feel the need to post, link to it. Don't need to be stretching pages. Same with anything that will stretch a page, like long links. If you have a long link, use something like TinyUrl to shorten it.


    Keep low on the sexual, racist, etc comments/jokes. Last thing we need is to offend anyone, whether the joke or comment is funny or not.

    To make a report, PM EC or myself along with proof.

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